Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summer Time Fun
This summer started off with packing a house into PODS and storing it for three weeks! Not the most exciting way to do things, but it had to be done. After getting the house packed we took off to GA for 2 weeks of traveling. Our first stop was Gainesville where we spent time with family and had a little fun. The kids always have a great time playing together and it was great to see our family.

Ezra celebrated his 12th birthday while we were in Ga. It was great to be with family for that. It's hard to believe that our boy has grown so much so fast. He keeps mentioning getting to drive when he is 16- I said you have plenty of time and then realized it's only 4 short years away! HELP!!!!!
We are very proud of how much he has accomplished and what a great young man he is becoming. We love you Ezra

Myrtle Beach with Aunt Tiffy!

After a week in Ga we were off to the beach to visit Aunt Tiffany. We had a blast there and stayed with her for 5 days. She was a wonderful hostess and even hooked us up with some tickets to the Ripley's Aquarium there. We had great food, tons of fun, and most importantly- we got to see Tiff!

So that is our summer story in a nut shell. We are now moved into the home we purchased. We are in the process of painting and getting everything just like we want it. The next post will be a back to school post and then after that a post about our home with some pictures too! Thanks for keeping up with us and sorry this took so long. It's been a busy few months.
Love you all
Michelle and the family

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Gabe & Hannah said...

Yeah- some new pictures! We miss y'all...when will you be down again? Thanksgiving???