Friday, September 26, 2008

Gabe is a nut!

Here is a quick post about our Gabe. As we were getting ready for church last week Gabe found some 3-D glasses and put them on. He looked like he was getting ready to meet up with Jake and Elwood and go on tour!

Then later on it the week he and Ezra were creating some cardboard box cars and drawing designs on them. The cars looked good and then I saw Gabe's other creation! His name on one leg in black Sharpie. I am not sure how he managed it, but he wrote his name on both the inside and outside of his calf muscle- quite well might I add. It's still there to this day- We keep scrubbing it- It's almost gone though. You can see in the first picture how proud he is of himself.



Those glass are way cute! I want to use them as a prop! How are things going?

The Finch's said...

whats going on dye family. how in the world have you guys been. i cant believe how big eze e is and gabe is were pregnent with him when i was going home i believe or maybe you had just had him. any ways you guys look like your doing awesome. you need to come get lost in az sometime. ill show all there is to see