Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthdays and Kindergarten
The Big 13!

I can hardly believe that my baby is a teenager now. Ezra celebrated his 13th today and I realized how fast the years have passed. He has at least an inch probably more on me in height and now wears a size 10 shoe. I am floored at how fast he has grown and how quickly time has passed. It seems like yesterday that I held him for the first time. I know it has been a really long time since he was my "baby", but they are not supposed to grow this fast. To top it all off it makes me feel that much older too! Todd is pretty good at reminding me that I am the oldest though =) We have all been doing well. Life has been treating us well and we have been having fun this summer so far.

Ez was done with pics at this point.

Notice how much Gabe loves Oreo pie. You can actually gauge how much he loves something by how much of it is on his face. Also, notice how unfazed he seems to have Ezra's fist next to his head.

Finishing Kindergarten

Well, Gabe had a great year in Kindergarten this year. He improved so much and he had a wonderful teacher. Mrs. Small was patient, kind, and encouraged the kids to really care for each other and be themselves. We are going to miss her next year. Gabe also made some great little friends too. He is excited to see them again soon in first grade.

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Cheyenne said...

Looks like Ez and I had similar b-days this year--him 13, me 31, and we both totally went for the oreo pie, oh yeah! We're pretty stoked about you guys coming down soon. I actually had a dream about you guys coming to the house and Ezra was tall and grown-up looking and he had dyed his hair with blond highlights. Hope that's not an insight into the future, lol!