Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here comes summer!

I guess summer time is right around the corner. It's already arrived for everyone in GA. Unfortunately, up here in MD we are still in school until June 22nd. The kids love their snow days until it's time for summer and then they have to make up those days!We have been busy as usual and I'm ready for things to start slowing down a little. I am wrapping up my spring season with Life Touch photography. It was a great learning experience! They even recognized me with the rookie photographer of the quarter award! It was nice to be noticed for all my hard work this season. I am thankfully going to be off work this summer. It's going to be a nice break.

Ezra is almost done with his Freshman year. He is really looking forward to the summer. I think the new work load was a bit of a surprise for him. I also had to get used to not knowing what was going on at school. I felt that there was a huge disconnect for me. I tried to keep up with everything he was doing, but it was pretty hard because there was so much. He will be participating in a 200 mile bike ride/camping trip this summer with his scout troop. It'll take place over a week. He knows it'll be hard, but I think he can do it! He is still taking Guitar and continues to improve in that as well. Here is a picture I just took right before he has his hair cut. He wouldn't sit very long for a lot of photos, but I love this one!
Gabe is all about soccer right now. He is doing really well and is stellar defensively. His team had a great season as well with only 1 loss between the fall and spring season. He recently was chosen for a Soccer Association of Columbia under 10 Recreational Select team. It's one step below travel team soccer and pretty hard to get on the team. He had a great tryout though and we received a phone call today offering him a spot! This past season he played up an age division to the U-9 division (he should have been in U-8). The select team he made continues to be a age division higher than he should play. He's one tough kid taking all kinds of hits on the field, but never letting it stop him! Here are a few of Gabe. He is a little more cooperative when it comes to getting his picture taken.

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